Center for the Cultivation of Technology
gemeinnuetzige GmbH

Gottschedstrasse 4
13357 Berlin

Executive Directors: Moritz Bartl, Martin Modlinger.
Handelsregister Berlin Charlottenburg, HRB 180673 B. VAT ID DE308084816.


Susanne Eiswirt

Photo of Susanne Eiswirt

Philipp Berg

Photo of Philipp Berg

Kilian Drechsler

Photo of Kilian Drechsler

Moritz Bartl

Photo of Moritz Bartl

Dr. Martin Modlinger

Photo of Dr. Martin Modlinger


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Photo of tomate

Daniel Greiser

Photo of Daniel Greiser


Photo of morbi


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Photo of Matija

Advisory Board

Claudio 'vecna' Agosti

Tactical Tech, Globaleaks (Germany)

Mario Behling

OpenTechSummit et al (Germany)


Petites Singularités (Belgium/France)

Allen 'gunner' Gunn

Aspiration Tech (USA)

Matthias Kirschner

Free Software Foundation Europe

Holger Krekel

merlinux GmbH (Germany)

Dr. Martin Krafft

Debian developer (Germany)

Beatrice Martini

Access Now (Germany)

Ben Nickolls (UK)

Niels ten Oever

Article19 (Netherlands)

Christian Pfaab

Bremen University (Germany)

Simon Phipps

Open Rights Group, Document Foundation (UK)

Fabio Pietrosanti

Hermes Center (Italy)

Jonah Sheridan

Information Ecology (USA)

Liz Steininger

Least Authority (Germany)

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic

Fundatia Ceata (Romania)

Aaron Wolf

Snowdrift (USA)

Stefano Zacchiroli

Open Source Initiative, Debian Project (France)

Matija Šuklje



Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
OCaml Labs

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